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Orion's Reach is a terrible system that doesn't exist. The first edition was created by Alex Mitchell-Shitskin in a bout of intense retardation. This original incarnation served as a tale of cancer which those involved mistakenly took for something other than the aforementioned cancer. Alex was the only one who saw through to the light that his creation was truly god-awful. In an act of divine intervention, Alex destroyed the original system and all traces of it. Perhaps the shame he felt about the Bane and Preacher tale lead him to it. But most believe it was the destruction of his collection of $5 Anne Hathaway wigs which he lost in a meth lab fire. The fire was so powerful that he was forced to slice his own finger tendons in order to douse the flames in his own blood.

The second edition spawned the canon-verse, a dark and gritty hell-hole ruled with corporate greed and cyberpunk happenings. Morally grey factions and movements and super serious lore: the canon-verse had it all. It was a vast improvement from the Rick and Morty antisemitic cringefest shat forth in a group effort during a time of questionable lucidity. It was also the first edition to enlist the help of the literary fiction writer genius known as Symbols, an illusive figure with a huge cock that is not discoloured. Symbols created the character then known as Spraynard Kruger, as well as his friends and companions. Spray was the spotlight in the first iteration of the canon-verse as is to be expected from the writing prowess of Symbols. But alas it fell through as another fit of rage and self-destruction from Alex ceased all future role-play activity until the present day. Since then Spraynard's story has been rebooted as a shameless cash grab aimed at fans of the original cult-classic.

It is worth noting that Orion's Reach was originally known as AIDS, just to let you know about the level of tact and maturity you've been dealing with up until now. With the level of quality that the third iteration was beginning to shape up to, a new name was needed. One that reflected the incredible effort and seriousness of the game. After three fruitless days of brainstorming, all efforts were thwarted. Alex, Symbols and some land whale I forgot the name of were crestfallen and gave up. Until the Meatwad arrived and saved the day. After a few minutes of discussion. The Meatwad created Orion's Reach. And we are all grateful to him for his incredible skill and timing. Sam had nothing to do with it. And has far as I am concerned he can go fuck himself. It matters little anyway, since his dementia will cause him to forget it all.

So far three feature films have been released featuring the joint universe of the canon-verse. 'It Don't Mean A Thing,' 'Dead Poets,' and 'The Wonderful Misadventures of Dreznar and the Four-Armed Skeleton Dyke.' All of which are written and directed by Duase. So far they have received mostly favourable reviews and have roughly 50-56% on RottenTomatoes and Metacritic. But the canon-verse is still waiting for its Avengers or at the very least; The Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2.

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